Grain Free Dog Food for Small Dogs

maltipooThe nutritional requirements for small dogs are unique from those of large dogs. I have a small dog (Simba) and a large dog (Lucky), and Simba just doesn’t touch Lucky’s food. It is as if he knows that Lucky’s food is just not meant for him to enjoy!

Small dogs have higher metabolic rates and so need more calories in their diet. Also, the jaw size of small dogs is considerably lesser than that of their large counterparts. For this reason, the kibble size of small breed dogs is smaller than that of large breed dogs.

I was naive and was trying to feed Simba the same grain free food as Lucky’s. Simba just wouldn’t eat. Eventually he lost weight and was turning weak. After some research I wanted to see how a small breed specific dry kibble would work for him. Bingo! The smaller size of the kibble enabled him to chew and break it since it was within the limits of his jaw strength!

Also, some small breed dogs are more inclined to get certain health conditions such as Patellar Luxation, Intervertebral Disk Disease, Pancreatitis etc. They need specific nutritional profile in order to minimize the risks for such conditions to develop.

For these reasons, small dogs need nutritional formulations developed specifically for them.

There are several top rated grain free formulations for small dogs on the market today. I will try my best to review most of them in this blog.

Please click on the following link to start reading reading reviews for small breed specific dog food brands.

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